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Boosting Innovation by Democratizing Cloud Services

Anantyx is a cloud management platform that puts non-IT business users in control, providing easy, efficient, cost-effective access to cloud services.  Anantyx simplifies provisioning and management of cloud services without the need for specialized training or certification.  It helps organizations realize all the benefits and capabilities that cloud offers, allowing them to stay focused on the business mission, while also providing IT with a flexible cloud governance framework without compromising security.

Anantyx Boosting Innovation

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Solutions for Every Use Case

Mission Labs

Anantyx facilitates innovation within mission labs, including the Zero-Trust Lab, Technology Sandbox, Software Patching, and Upgrades.

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Procurement Accelerator

Anantyx aids organization’s procurement process by facilitating market research, down-selection of vendors, and running challenge programs.

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Virtual Workplace

Anantyx elevated remote capabilities from mere virtual desktop access to a secure, self-service, and mission tailored virtual workplace for business units.

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