Anantyx on AWS

Better Together
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Anantyx and the AWS platform form a powerful partnership that amplifies the value and potential of cloud services for businesses. Anantyx’s user-friendly interface and governance framework empower non-IT users to effortlessly provision and manage cloud resources, while the AWS platform provides the robust infrastructure, scalability, and security required for seamless operations. By combining Anantyx’s users’ self-service cloud management capabilities with the AWS platform’s extensive services and global presence, businesses can fully leverage the benefits of the cloud, streamline operations, and drive innovation, all within a secure and reliable environment. Together, Anantyx and AWS deliver a holistic solution that optimizes efficiency, enhances productivity, and enables businesses to focus on their core objectives.

Anantyx and AWS partner to empower public sector organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journeys by combining Anantyx’s governance features with AWS’s security framework. This reduces the worry of uncontrolled use of cloud resources, shadow IT, expedites cloud adoption, and improves public sector organizations’ mission of serving citizens.