Know Projected Cost of Ownership

Anantyx’s comprehensive solution goes beyond just prototyping and innovation, as it also includes a thorough analysis of the true cost of ownership for each software acquisition. By analyzing various factors, such as the licensing required for desired performance, deployment, maintenance, support, and upgrade costs, as well as the cost of cloud services, Anantyx provides clients with a clear and detailed understanding of the total cost of ownership for any given software product. This in-depth analysis helps clients make informed procurement decisions, as they can accurately compare the costs of different software products and identify any hidden costs that may arise down the road. With Anantyx’s assistance, clients can avoid surprises and budgetary challenges by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the true cost of ownership for each software acquisition.

Anantyx TCO

Evaluate Deployment with Different Cloud Options

Anantyx understands that deploying a software product can be a complex and daunting task for many federal agencies and businesses. That’s why in addition to providing a comprehensive analysis of the true cost of ownership, Anantyx also offers clients added transparency into the deployment process and multi-cloud capabilities of each software product. With Anantyx’s help, clients can gain a better understanding of how a given software product will perform in various environments and across different cloud platforms. Anantyx’s team of experts works closely with clients to analyze the technical requirements and compatibility of each software product with their existing infrastructure, applications, and data management systems. By doing so, clients can identify any potential integration challenges, performance issues, or security risks that may arise during the deployment process. Furthermore, Anantyx allows clients to evaluate each software product’s ability to operate effectively in different cloud environments, such as public, private, or hybrid clouds, and with constraints of corporate security measures.

Product Features

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Agency External

Agency External

The Anantyx Lab is cloud-based, external to the organization, and does not require agency IT support. Procurement-provided data sets enable free, open, and fair competition between vendors to demonstrate the best value to the organization.

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Agnostic Design

Agnostic Design

The Anantyx Lab is cloud-agnostic, providing the ability to leverage AWS Azure, and GCP analyses. Lab is also OS-agnostic, offering users a choice of Windows and various versions of Linux operating systems.

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Data Access

Data Access

Personnel can use the Anantyx Lab to review vendor submitted materials, software files, demo configurations, deployment scripts, and log files through either a live viewer or recorded version during evaluation.

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Delivering Total Evaluation Capabilities

Anantyx Labs provides customers with the tools to improve procurement outcomes in the technology space.  Using the Anantyx Lab, organizations can evaluate vendor software for:

  • The ability to operate on various clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP) and utilize benefits offered by Cloud and Container technologies
  • Software deployment (level of automation)
  • Software Requirement Environments (OS, DB, CPUs, etc.)
  • Features and functionality
  • The ability to operate within an organization’s specific environment
  • The ability to integrate with other selected software products